This term stands for the phrase, "BODY MADE WRONG"! I often use it towards some guy in front of me in the Taco Bell line ordering a meal fit for 5 people.
Tevin: What the f*** do you call that?!?!
ME: Total b.m.w.!!!
by Alexoia January 23, 2008
Dude that BMW is ugly as your grandmas pussy.
by topshot November 27, 2010
Big Mexican Woman
"Dude, how did that BMW get over the fence?"
by crazy_steve-o March 18, 2010
BMW is a "Big Mexican Woman".
Mexican: I got a BMW homes.
American: You got that nice of a car? Lucky!
Mexican: Nooo, big mexican woman!
American: Wow...Beaner, I MEAN, Beamer.
by ThatOneGuyWhoSaysIWasHere March 08, 2010
Big Maine Woman: Overweight female resident of Maine. Usually a welfare recipient between the ages of 18-40 with a number of illegitimate children and numerous tatoos.
I was standing in line at the supermarket behind a BMW with four screaming medicaid waifs when she pulled out her fancy schmancy EBT card to pay for her twinkies and ice cream and showed off a new tramp stamp.
by bumfuzzle February 12, 2010
Black man's weiner, big mexican woman, or bavarian motor works.
Ex. (A)
Johnny Racist: Go suck a BMW!
Toolbag Friend of Johnny's: Ha ha!
Ex. (B)
Johnny Racist: Is that an earthquake, or just a BMW walking by?
Bystander: DOUCHEBAG!
Ex. (C)
Gearhead: Hey, look a BMW M5 with a type 4 body kit and chrome spinners!
Bystander: Nice car.
by k.t.m. December 03, 2009

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