Basically just a very pretentious car for those people who are slightly richer than the average person, but not actually rich enough to own an italian sports car. They still want to show off the tiny bit of money they have more than the average person, so they drive a so-called luxury car, that's really not much better than the average toyota, just loads more pretentious and snobbish. Mercedes also fit into this category of fake wealth.

There are two types of people who drive this kind of car:
Botox, bleached hair, boobjobbed moms
Spoiled, blonde, rich brats who crash their BMW and get a new one the next day

And this is coming from an upper class kid going to an upper-middle class private school.
-Look at Sarah, she's driving her brand new BMW!
-Yeah, I heard her dad just lost his 100K job, and she's just driving it to cover it up.

-Why is Jack's mom driving a BMW? She doesn't even have a job, even though she only has one kid.
-Well, I heard Jack's dad's a doctor...
-Yeah, they're divorced. And he's a...pediatrician.
by tiffffffffffffffffffffffffffff March 28, 2013
Big Military Wife. If you go to a military post or base, you will see overweight, nasty military wives.
PFC Smith: Did you see Staff Sgt. William's wife?

PFC Lopez: Yes, she is a total BMW!
by BJ0124 February 12, 2011
Bus, Metro, Walk

Means of transportation of the little people, which doesn't involve overpriced sports car with excessive fuel consuming.

Xavier: Hey dude, you're coming over tonight?
Dennis: Yeah, I'm taking my BMW, I'll be there in a few hours.
by Skulan May 11, 2007
Bus, Metro & Walk ..... that's how broke people like me get around in Washington, D.C.
person 1: do you have transportation?

person 2: yeah... I get around

person 1: what type of car you got?

person 2: a BMW ....... bus, metro & walk
by Suffered Alien November 23, 2009
"Body Made Well" - Chick or guy who has a body that makes you say damn. In shape, hot and fit. Someone who makes you stop and stare.
Damn, Look at that BMW over there.
by ubixx October 22, 2008
a type of care driven by yuppies and corporate types who buy into the mentality that people are only worth what they own.
I drive a BMW because I am important because I make a lot of money. I shit on poor people!
by Antnee September 17, 2004
Black Man's Weener
Check out that guy, he definitly has a BMW
by DJBoisvert94 February 04, 2009
BMW is an acronym for the Mormons transportion vehicle Big Mormon Wagon.
Wow! look at all of those BMW's at the temple
by TheM4inEvent January 14, 2009
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