German maker of really reliable, well-built cars. E36 3 series hold up really well inside and out, are fun as hell to drive, the 4 cylinders get great gas mileage and decent pickup for their class with nice weight behind them, and they can be had for decent prices. They're really not so beyond many wages. BMW's 4-cylinder engines have always been their most durable... and they usually, when maintained decently, last DECADES.

Repairs CAN get more expensive than with other cars, but if you look around, find one with lower mileage (less than 120K,) don't drive like a wretched fucking asshole, have a good indie German specialist mechanic in your area, and can stay on top of stuff as it happens, you'll be alright, and might not even need to spend more money than you would on any other less-quality used car from the same time... and be driving a friggin' amazing car. Car and Driver rated E36s best car every year they were sold.

No comment or defense for the asshole drivers with the dreaded and very real BMW syndrome.

FRIENDLY REMINDER TO THE LESS ROAD-CONSCIOUS BMW DRIVER: Don't bring shame to such an awesome car company. Your turn signals. Fucking use them. YOU FUCKING KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT OKAY. Thanks so much.
The BMWs are sexehh.
by E36-4-Life September 17, 2010
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Possibly the greatest luxury car make.
German, Bayerische Motoren Werke, or in English, Bavarian Motor Works.
Cars in most categories, excluding vans of any sort.
Man! look at that new BMW M5!
That BMW kicks Mercedes' ass.
by "Kane Millard" May 30, 2004
German automobile maker world renown for performance sedans. they practically invented them. ///M models are notorious for going like a porsche and sticking like a lotus. a german mentality and fury burns within their engineers hearts that allows for amazing results without the use of forced induction.
"ah no son!! the lambo just got smoked by a family sedan!"
by Bobby Buche May 25, 2005
As you know, the Ultimate Driving Machine. BMW's combine top performance with quality, to an extreme that no other car manufacture can surpas.

Mercedes-Benz is just BMW's slightly older brother. For the best results, own a Mercdes and a BMW for different moods.
Example 1: (on PA Turnpike)

David: Wow! Did you see that 2005 M5 just rape that 2005 Corvette? How did it do that?

Evan: That's BMW's exquisite enginering. No Jap-crap or American-shit can touch that $80,000 work of art.

Example 2: (10pm/Wawa parking lot)

Jerry: Yo man, you tryin to race me in my just jerked off in 1999 Honda Civic Si? I just got this new multi-colored body kit, and this new exhaust tip thats 1ft in diameter! My shit is set-up.

Evan: Absolutely, you know my stock 1999 BMW M3 will leave your jap-crap in the dust.

Jerry: Yeah right, im gonna send your car right back to Mexico.

Evan: No Jerry, thats where your car was made, mine is pure German.
by Evan V. January 18, 2005
"Bavarian Motor Works"


"Bayerische Motoren Werke"
by yipsinbox October 23, 2003
1. The greatest auto manufacture...period
2. See M3...the best car ever
Damn that M3 just burned that asain excuse for a car!
by Alex December 02, 2003
Bavarian Motor Works! The illest car company ever! All I have to say is this, have you seen the new M5? Thank you.
Yo! When I grow up, I wanna be pimpim around in an M5!
by AK March 14, 2005
1. Car Company that during the second world war made aeroplane engines. Now have a selection of top of the range cars
2. Black Mans Willy
1. Mums got a BMW!
2. Dads got another BMW!
by Genjix October 27, 2003

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