Beautifully Made Wheels:

Great car. None can come close to the engineering perfection, power and performance of a BMW. Not only does this vehicle have exceptional quality but the dealership and BMW Corporation as a whole treat their customers like GOLD. You wouldnt even believe the extras and perks you get with this car. They go above and beyond for their customers. Ive owned regular vehicles and luxury and all I can say is there is a huge difference. To the guy who says BMW treats their customers like crap, obviously you've never had the privelege of owning one these vehicles and are suffering from BMW envy. Dont worry ,maybe one day when you youll be to afford one to, but i doubt it. In the meantime maybe you should keep posting fradulent definitions for a car you have never driven and probably will never be able to afford.
This car is a sure thing. If you have the cash, buy sure is worth it.
BMW...Goes beyond customers expectations. Trust me, I actually own one- unlike these clowns.
by Proud BMW Owner November 22, 2006
Cocktail made from Bailys, Malibu and Whiskey.
'Pint of Carling and a BMW please Barman.'
by GLC February 25, 2005
Black Man Working

-Any black man driving a BMW vehicle must have some type of job.
-Gold digging women assuming a working black man drives a nice car such as a BMW
"-Why is she messin around with him, shes a bum
-Oh no, she knows whats pop'n, she got a BMW"

by anonymous1uno March 01, 2008
1. German car company.
2. Bavarian Motor Works.
3. The Ultimate Driving Machine
Damn! The BMW Z8 kicks Mercedes's Ass!
by James Bond October 18, 2002
Be My Wife
Guy: *unveils brand new bimmer* It's for you baby.

Guy's girlfriend:
Oh yes I do! I love you so much I will marry you!
by ixlMlxi July 10, 2008
"Body made well" - A chick that's banging in all the right places. Nice tits, perfect ass, hourglass shape and a pretty face. When she walks by she makes all the guys stare and pop up.

i.e. Perfect body
A girl that stands out in a room full of women. Can also apply to fit males who have it together. Look at that BMW.

Damn, thats a body made Well.
by owendev April 22, 2008
Greatest testament to German engineering.

Good looks, good performance, great car.

I love BMW cars.
by kocv November 13, 2008
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