Beautifully Made Wheels:

Great car. None can come close to the engineering perfection, power and performance of a BMW. Not only does this vehicle have exceptional quality but the dealership and BMW Corporation as a whole treat their customers like GOLD. You wouldnt even believe the extras and perks you get with this car. They go above and beyond for their customers. Ive owned regular vehicles and luxury and all I can say is there is a huge difference. To the guy who says BMW treats their customers like crap, obviously you've never had the privelege of owning one these vehicles and are suffering from BMW envy. Dont worry ,maybe one day when you youll be to afford one to, but i doubt it. In the meantime maybe you should keep posting fradulent definitions for a car you have never driven and probably will never be able to afford.
This car is a sure thing. If you have the cash, buy sure is worth it.
BMW...Goes beyond customers expectations. Trust me, I actually own one- unlike these clowns.
by Proud BMW Owner November 22, 2006
1) black mans woman
2) black mans whip
1)dude 1:DAMN!!! ima get a peice of that!
dude 2:carful son!! , thats a bmw,you'll be sleepin wid the fishes by the end of he night if u dont pick your jaw of the floor!

2)u know dats a bmw, look at them moon-walker rims!
by robin January 20, 2005
Black man's wheels
A black mans car
by Tha First Lady November 03, 2003
Great German car, until you try to sell one with high mileage. Then you are stuck with the damn thing because it is a 2000 with 94000 miles and even though your price is $7000 below blue book nobody will buy it. Fuck!
by Da Dude October 17, 2003
black man's weiner, derived from the initials for the car, to classify as a bmw it must be at least 11 inches and tinted black
bmw's are disgustin or he's black, he must have a bmw
by Ballsack July 08, 2004
the car that loser 10 year old looking kid is sitting in trying to look tough
check it out i'm so gangsta my dad owns a bmw, i'm a trust fund baby!
by nerdling301 January 17, 2005

MR.lammas my biology teacher tought me this
woah ur moms a BMW !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!! !!!!!
by peanutpeanut October 26, 2006
Big Mexican Woman.
A particularrly large woman who is mexican
she can also be spanish
Person 1: Ill have a BMW sneak into your room and rape you wahahaha

Person 2: a car?

Person1: Nooo. a Big Mexican Woman...duhh.
by CooCoo la CooCoo Pants September 13, 2007

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