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Beautifully Made Wheels:

Great car. None can come close to the engineering perfection, power and performance of a BMW. Not only does this vehicle have exceptional quality but the dealership and BMW Corporation as a whole treat their customers like GOLD. You wouldnt even believe the extras and perks you get with this car. They go above and beyond for their customers. Ive owned regular vehicles and luxury and all I can say is there is a huge difference. To the guy who says BMW treats their customers like crap, obviously you've never had the privelege of owning one these vehicles and are suffering from BMW envy. Dont worry ,maybe one day when you youll be to afford one to, but i doubt it. In the meantime maybe you should keep posting fradulent definitions for a car you have never driven and probably will never be able to afford.
This car is a sure thing. If you have the cash, buy it..it sure is worth it.
BMW...Goes beyond customers expectations. Trust me, I actually own one- unlike these clowns.
by Proud BMW Owner November 22, 2006
Brings Me Women
stock for stock will blow the doors off of hondas!
by Bimmer May 12, 2003
An amazing car no matter what model you buy. A car you buy because you can't afford a benz? I'd take a BMW even if I could afford 20 benz's. Just about any ///M series BMW will rape stuff twice its price in every category not to mention trounce american shit.
M3... best handling car in the world. - Car and Driver.
by Grant April 05, 2004
Greatest Car out there!!
also stands for : Big Man's Whore
I'm just a basketball player with many many BMWs
by gibberish September 26, 2003
Stands for Bavarian Motor Works. Quite possibly the best auto manufacturer. BMW combines luxury, performance,and prestige to create what is well known as "the ultimate driving machine". These high end cars are often driven by affluent, upper-crust americans who appreciate fine quality and workmanship.
He sped out of the parking lot in his BMW coupe and made a lasting impression on the witnesses.
by hey it's pat December 02, 2007
Bring Me Wallet. The most expensive car to maintain in the world. To change my radiator it was 1500 dollars. I am broke but I have a tight car
GUY: My car broke down.
DEALLER: Really what kinda car do you have?
GUY: BMW. Do you know how much it will be?
DEALLER: I dont know, just bring me wallet.
by rewind December 06, 2004
BMW: 'Born Moderately Wealthy'
'Brings Me Women'
'Broke My Wallet'
'Beautiful Mechanical Wonder'
'Best Motorcycle Worldwide'
'Bring Money With you'
'Beautiful Masterpieces on Wheels'
'Big Money'
'Business Money and Women'

One Fine Vehicle but like most others I cannot afford to buy one.
Here comes Tom again, showing off in the BMW
by BMWs September 14, 2006
- Black Magic Woman -
or Bavarian Motor Works
by bad juju September 15, 2004