The king of snobby, whiney motorcyclists. Frowned upon, because of their insseent need to be waited on, hand and foot. In addition, to their unsubstantiated beliefs, that they ride THE "superior motorcycle".
"Hard luggage, tailbags, gel seats, and heated grips? Who the fuck puts all this unnecessary shit on their bike?"

"A BMW rider. Who else?"
by D. Gould March 19, 2006
Top Definition
Pfffft, check this idiot out... he probably rides either A) A Harley or B) A crotch rocket. There is no good reason to not ride a BMW. For instance, to answer the question, heated seats and grips are required when you ride in Midwest falls and winters, and hard luggage for when it rains. BMWs are on the road rain or shine - not like sissy rocket ricers who have to wait for perfect weather to uncover their bike. Harleys are just as awesome as Beamers unless you want your engine to rattle off the frame every week and want to schedule a tune up every month.
Get a BMW K12LT, K12GT, or R12RT and actually ENJOY owning your bike like all the other BMW riders.
by BMW Guy September 11, 2006
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