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Brides maid i'd like to fuck
Pippa Middleton is a BMILF
by milo1987 April 29, 2011
An very attractive bridesmaid at a wedding with whom one fantasizes having sexual relations with.
Pippa Middleton totally upstaged the Duchess of Cambridge as the Maid of Honour at the royal wedding. Pippa's a total BMILF ! I think I should tweet about it with hashtag #BMILF !!
by waity-katy April 29, 2011
Band Mom I'd Like to Fuck
"Dayummm, I like the way you blow that reed. You're such a BMILF"
by BandThat October 16, 2010
Business man I'd like to fuck
Damn that bmilf is sexy
by bmilflover69 March 18, 2014