Bad Mental Image. When some one tells you something and you see sumthin in ur head that u really don't wanna think.
Sarah: I gave mike head for his birthday!
by Shoes April 05, 2004
Top Definition
acronym for "Body Mass Index", an outdated and inaccurate method of determining someone's health based only on their weight compared to their height, without taking into account lifestyle, activity, muscle tone, or any other important factor.
according to BMI standards, Tom Cruise is "Obese"
by Ugliness Man July 01, 2004
1) acronym for "Black Market International", a great site for the latest music downloads.

2) to download for free; illegally (music, movies)
1) BMI means Black Market International, duh.

2) say, dawg, i just BMI'd Birdman's new album from brrrrrrrrr aw-aw!! *does the bird hand sign* birdcall
by One Wanksta December 13, 2009
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