Black Man's Disease, namely, falling out asleep after a big (or not-so-big) meal. Of course, you don't have to be black to have it, but that's the community where I first heard the expression, and a lot of folks use it. Sometimes known as "The Itis" (pronouced eye-tiss).
My homie had B.M.D. on the way home from the restaurant, started snoring like a foghorn in the car.
by Ndageto February 23, 2010
Top Definition
Baby momma drama.
"Man, she said I got too much BMD."


"Baby momma drama."

"That sucks."
by "Rekz" January 20, 2010
Ballastic Missle Defense.
1. Never wait for the others to ask her out first.
2. Underwater Missle Delivery System that can nuke the world 40 times over if the US is ever attacked by nukes.
3. Tripping a fellow suiter for a babe so you can get to her first.
1. dude, either get some b.m.d. or move over.
2. SSBN Nuke Subs, B.M.D. machines for messing with the US
by technofix February 18, 2006
blow my dick
hey andy bmd
by pitoelcubano July 10, 2008
Broke My D*mn Scale. (On A Scale From 1-10)
That Girl Is So Fine She BMDS!
by @Bawz_N_Ya_Jawz January 24, 2013
It's an acronym meaning "bad madame (miss) dumb", which is to be used when a woman does something really stupid.
Woman: "I can't believe I did that."
Man: "Yeah, your bmd."
by michinn December 06, 2011
"Boobies of Mass Destruction"

capable of eliminating the entire thought process of a male brain within seconds of appearance.

These BMDs are the most immaculate perfect breasts you've ever seen. very rare but when you see them you will know.
"Wow she has some BMDs!"
"yeah she derpppppp......."
by bahacurtin February 21, 2012

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