The term or abbreviation for something that is even more whack than whack itself.

BM > whack
That shit that was pulled the other night was real BM, real BM.
by Jorge Jr. January 13, 2007
abbreviation for baby's mom
"yo, his bm is a beast, but i will still knuck her...he's my man now!!!! shit, that baby aint even his!'"
by yummy500 June 23, 2005
Black Market
Snap! The thing is a whole 10 bucks on da black market, Jamal!
by JOSHY May 18, 2003
A boy, who goes to Innes Middle School in Akron, OH. He has all the qualities of your *dream guy*. He is hott, sexii, and beautiful, inside/out. He will make you laugh when you are pissed/cry. He is nice and sweet, meaning, he will grab your hand, at the weirdest times, just to hold it. Also, he likes you for who you are, and he won't try to change you. He's truthful. He knows exactly how to make you smile, whether he grabs your hand, hugs you, puts his arm aroung you, or what ever else. Now, about his physical features! He has the cutest smile ever: He has big, soft lips, and a bright smile that will brighten up your day! He isn't too tall, or too short. He has a nice little tan (sorta!) His hair is very soft, and it isn't too long, or too short. He does basketball, so he's physically fit! He'll text message you saying "Heyy babii, what's up?" He'll call you and say right in the middle of a conversation "I love you" and then you'll fight with him on who loves each other more. He is fun to be around, and very funny! (He is also a great kisser!) He is an overall great guy, and the best boyfriend any girl can ask for, and he's all mine!<33
OMFG...i love brandon so0o0o0o0o0o0o0o much! He is like my life! I hope he never leaves! (i love you B.M.S.)(those are his initials)<33
by iLOVE HiM So0o0o0o0o MUCH NOW<33 December 06, 2006
Bad Mood.

A state of being sad or upset, basically just unfit for pleasant human contact or conversation.
Laura's in a BM.

Watch out for Dave, he's in such a BM.

I'm in a BM, don't talk to me.
by Sarah Leah January 03, 2006
bowel movement. take a shit.
I have to take a huge bm.
by Adrian January 20, 2005
Meaning "Bitch Move"
"Throwing that potato at me was such a bm Ashley!"
by rettig ry July 10, 2008
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