whoever the fuck said babys momma is a dumbass, its birth mother
Although living with her father and step-mother, her BM is still alive and living in LA.
by ryan September 06, 2004
mother of a man's child
don't trip, she ain't my girlfriend, she just my baby momma
by guru September 29, 2003
a big man ... short for big man
fuck! look over there
that bm
by mitch_bullo August 22, 2007
Abbreviation for Baby-mother, baby-moms, or baby-mama. The woman, not necessarily his current girl, that a man shares a biological child with.
Rolands BM is a dumb bitch, for real.
by RemyRedd December 29, 2006
"butt mess" - need i say more?
EEGADS-Someone didn't flush their BM at the Mall restroom!!!!!!
by Ben Dover November 07, 2003
1. Short for "Bat Mitzvah" or "Bar Mitzvah"

2. Abreviation for bowel movement...taking a shit
1. Wow her bm was great

2. Eww, her bm was gross
by Tom DeLonge_Lover July 07, 2005
The term or abbreviation for something that is even more whack than whack itself.

BM > whack
That shit that was pulled the other night was real BM, real BM.
by Jorge Jr. January 13, 2007

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