bm stands for Bite Me
Stephanie: I know you fucked my boyfriend
Carol: bm bitch!
by Mohamed Alaa April 23, 2008
the abreviation bowel movement is bm
have a happy bm. you say that to old people... mostly
by better off April 19, 2006
Bob Marley. Used to descripbe an excessively fat joint. Obviously an hommage to the rasta weed smoking king himself.
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien made a song about it name *drumroll* BM'S!
by mrpopenfresh March 11, 2005
The shortened version of baby's mom or mother of child.
He is acting kind of funny because his b.m. keeps calling him.
by Candy Jones October 29, 2006
battle mountain nevada
BM shits on elko, winnemucca and spring creek....bitches
by eNVy775 April 07, 2005
An Acronym for Bob Marley, the late reggae singer.

Also used when refering to a large blunt or joint

see spliff
Instead of saying, "Let's go smoke a large marijuana cigarette."
one might say, "Let's go hit this BM" or "I just rolled a fat BM, let's go blaze it up."
by hithisbm January 31, 2003
whoever the fuck said babys momma is a dumbass, its birth mother
Although living with her father and step-mother, her BM is still alive and living in LA.
by ryan September 06, 2004

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