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abreviation for baby mother, usually used when writing.
Man my BM about to make me mad.
by ladawnny October 24, 2011
BMW, a fine German automobile.
"Drop top BMs, I'm the man, girlfriend!" - Notorious B.I.G.
by The Lurker October 26, 2004
"Baby mama"

A woman/girl who is the mother
A woman who you are not married to but visit b/c of the baby.

A woman who is maybe ghetto
My BM ghetto son
by Wassssupboylol July 16, 2010
Short for BMW
Mostly used in rap songs.
"Officer Bird's on his way, and I don't wanna see him
could you please give me the keys to the BM?
See, I didn't want to gank you
but don't make me bank you, thank you
Tried to get yo the hood, and you might guess
that a fool like me woulda shot Cyrus
Incognito, Ghetto Eagle
Saying, "Fuck, where did he go?"
I bust me a left from Rubellon. Park
The 735 and I'm bailin"

ghetto bird - ice tea
by AlphaQ May 08, 2006
Acronym for Bad-Mannered.
Used in gaming, predominantly StarCraft II.
noob so bm stop pausing everytime before u leave
by omgwtfeverynameistaken September 26, 2011
a bitch move or bowel movement. context will decide the official definition.
Kayla: Wow that was a huge BM by Claire.
Chris: Do you mean bowel movement or bitch move? Your sentence was pretty hard to decipher.
Kayla: Bowel movement. Claire just took a huge dump.
Chris: But I though girls didn't poop?
by thecabbageninja September 26, 2011
A) blow me
B) big mouth
C) bowel movement
A) bm right here and now
b) you have such a bm
c)ur bm smells like shit!
by Celebshadow112 January 13, 2010