BMW, a fine German automobile.
"Drop top BMs, I'm the man, girlfriend!" - Notorious B.I.G.
by The Lurker October 26, 2004
Acronym for Bad-Mannered.
Used in gaming, predominantly StarCraft II.
noob so bm stop pausing everytime before u leave
by omgwtfeverynameistaken September 26, 2011
"Baby mama"

A woman/girl who is the mother
A woman who you are not married to but visit b/c of the baby.

A woman who is maybe ghetto
My BM ghetto son
by Wassssupboylol July 16, 2010
Abbreviation for trve kvlt Black Metal
Have you listened to the latest Naglfar album, it was trve kvlt BM
by Omnimaniac April 19, 2015
a bitch move or bowel movement. context will decide the official definition.
Kayla: Wow that was a huge BM by Claire.
Chris: Do you mean bowel movement or bitch move? Your sentence was pretty hard to decipher.
Kayla: Bowel movement. Claire just took a huge dump.
Chris: But I though girls didn't poop?
by thecabbageninja September 26, 2011
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