Baby Mama

The girl's crib you have a baby with.
Man I gotta go run to the BM and get some squares
by K Dub April 09, 2005
Used when being evil and annoy people to the extreme.
Your a fucking BM shut the hell up
by Nonao July 06, 2003
Abreviation for Bowell Movement (Verb I guess) Certainly not to be used anywhere near to "yo baby's Mama" and one poor sole has suggested.
Eating a balanced diet will result in healthy floating B.M's; not the bowl stanging sinkers most gangsters coil in dimly lit, fetid tiolets.
by Priz Biz Sage June 10, 2005
BMW - A German car found in many rap songs.
I got twenties on my BM and you still fuckin' wit a GM.
by The Don Mega October 07, 2005
Acronym for Big Momma. Stands for middle aged women who are obese and rude to little white girls.
Dang, why is B M so mean to little Marissa and Jenna?
by bdong January 01, 2011
Baby Mama
by angelface June 03, 2003
acronym for BLACK MALE.
yo gurl! check out that B M...he is FOINE!!!
by cahronda February 02, 2006

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