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A numeric system based on a sliding scale that determines one's tendency towards homosexuality.
After a night of fun with his pejector at Rascals, jaxxor's BLQ peaked at a whopping 17.854, thus rendering him homo.
by Smith December 03, 2003
3 1

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Acronym, Butthole Lubrication Quotient. A scoring system to determine the slipperiness of a starfish.
I heard that jaxxor is a complete man-slut. His BLQ is probably like 9 or 10.
by Lethargic Lad November 22, 2003
7 0
The most badass QUAD ever. Its not a gang, its a QUAD. Made up of Snowflake, JG3, Lil' Franklin, and Bull (who is in the stink). They are just overall awesome in every way and will dance after stabbing yo ass.
Hot girl #1 " Hey girl did you hear about BLQ? " Hot girl #2 " Yeah they are total badasses"
by LIL' Franklin May 09, 2012
1 0