B.J.C.: Big Johnny's Corner; it's the epitomy of camaraderie, among cigar afficionados... a fellowship of kickass people-friends & newcomers alike, coming together to relax, smoke cigars, bullshit, exchange jokes, asking bizarre (and often disturbing) hypothetical questions after the evening's closing of the humidor that they congregate at.
Big Johnny: What are you up to tonight?
Wino Joe: I'm joining you at the B.J.C. and discuss trannies!
Big Johnny: Sweet! Make sure you dont let the spies & moles know the code to the back gate!
by Freckletastic November 23, 2010
Top Definition
Blow job chick. a girl who looks like she can suck a mean dick
Reid-hey sandler, check out that BJC

Sander-Nice, she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch
by horndog91 April 16, 2009
Bacon Jizz Cocktail. The act of a female lubing up male genitalia with Bacon greese. Followed by oral sex followed by completion. Thus making the Bacon Jizz Cocktail.
"Yo you go to the whore house last night?" "They were offering discounts on the BJC from Sara."
by Nookie1916 October 03, 2011
An acronym standing for the Big Jewish Cock. It is a very secretive organization but many Jews who are manly enough will be accepted and therefor, they will contain BJC Status.
"Yo Matt, is Zach a member of the BJC?"

"Ya boii have you seen his shit? It's huge!"
by Zach AKA JewFro June 11, 2007
When you take a girl out and pay for her dinner. The girl then gives you a BJC for paying for her dinner (Blow Job Courtesy).
Tom took me out last night, but I left my wallet at home so I just gave him a BJC.
by BoFlex May 16, 2016
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