1. A blowjob
2. This stupid fathead i know who must DIE!
1. Ew! is that girl giving him a BJ?\
2. I now know my goal in life: I must kill BJ!!! MUHAHAHA!
by Paint February 05, 2005
bj, acronym for buko juice in the philippines
tara, bj tayo
by donfak April 04, 2004
- A guy who has a gay name
- Hav-en-ga (having a) BJ
Look at me! I'm Hav-en-ga BJ and my name is BJ . . .Ha ha ha!
by RyoGen June 25, 2004
bob's job
his job? to give people bj's!
by Kaji March 24, 2003
he is a guy who goes to shit school and gets raped up the ass by sarah aka BONEY ASS MAN and also has acne
bj you look really fat today how u going
by Daniel April 05, 2005
A Faggot ass wigger who thinks hes black and wants to fondel jorge with his tounge he want to grow his penis over 1 inch
Man i feel like a BJ today
by owen March 25, 2004
Big John
Hey bj sup?
by Anonymous March 24, 2003

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