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abbreviation of blow job or blowjob. Occurs when a female puts a man's penis into her mouth and sucks on it while tonguing the head. Apparently very popular among young teens, equivalent to kissing.
I don't think I will ever give a BJ... but I heard my best friend did it in the car while her boyfriend was driving.

Nancii gave me the best bj I've ever had.
by Jake March 23, 2004
Blow a Joint.
Jeff: "Oh man, I hella wanna get fucked up tonight!"
Mark: "Damn, me too. Wanna BJ?"
Jeff: "Yee son, that'll fuck us up good"
by JuiicccyxBeebe' January 01, 2010
beef jerky, blow job or barney's friend.
I bought some beef jerky at the store.

I gave the best blowjob yesterday.

by revelation22 December 26, 2008
Something that happens on the back of the bus when A guy and a girl sit next to each other. The bus driver rarely sees the chickenhead's face.

Also called Third Base
Alison gave me my first BJ after I told her she had huge tits.
by Charlie March 24, 2005
The Breakfast Jack at Jack in the Box
I'm going to Jack In the Box to get a BJ (breakfast jack).
by laloalva February 23, 2009
Oral pleasure, the act of giving a suck off, blow job. Also known as the third base. When the partner, either man of woman sucks on the mans penis (gay: two men) Man gives woman bj by sticking his toung in her pussy and licking. This is a popular act between teens and is not concider vulgar.
My bf says that giving me bj's now sucks cuz my pussy tastes nasty after he stoped smking.

The dude gives his gay patner a bj and then they switch
by PhillipC June 24, 2006
Colloquial abbreviation for Bob Jones University, an ultra-Christian-conservative college in Greenville, SC. The fact that a blow job is also called a BJ is not lost on some of those who use this appellation.
I heard a rumor that at BJ, there are pink sidewalks for girls and blue sidewalks for boys.
by GrittyKitty December 10, 2006 for blow job for boob job.
1.jd asked me if i wanted a BJ.
2.i need a BJ
by Rachael M. September 02, 2006
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