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1. An interception machine at who starts at Quarterback, used by inept coaches to give opposing teams easy wins. Counterproductive offensive item who currently screws over the University of South Florida.

2. A quarterback with little to no skill at the position, recruited correctly by most schools as a wide receiver or running back, but given a QB scholarship by a stupid school.
1. Football Fan #1 - Man, look at that QB throwing balls to the opposing players like they are his receivers.

USF Fan #2 - You think that is bad, you haven't seen BJ Daniels play.

2. FSU Fan - Man that BJ Daniels would have made a good Running back for the 'Noles

USF Fan - Did you know that he plays QB for us?

FSU Fan - LoL sorry to hear mate, didn't know he could even throw

USF Fan - He can, just to other cornerbacks and safeties.
by xguju October 17, 2010