To leave or to "bounce"
Im gonna bizzy out this hizzy.
by Diznak April 28, 2003
A girl that likes to make out to pass time
by Kemily April 06, 2003
ie. Justin Mortenson.
Hi, I am bizzy, I fuck guys.
by kyle July 10, 2004
A faggot emo kid who should kill himself
bizzy from #twistedgaming
by Steven Manley April 14, 2005
a name for women used by Mac-Dre
Bizzies, Bizzies, Bizzies, i go on the road and all they sayin is 'Dre will u sign my bra, dre will u sign my thong, dre will u sign my mommas thong!'
by J-smith December 14, 2004

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