A codename for Xanax Bars used by kids from Miami, Florida.
yo i wanna get a bizzy tonight and drink a 40
by tha305gangsta July 11, 2009
Bizzy = bitch. Plain and simple.
You are such a bizzy Alyssa. Get out of my face.
by InfectedBoot June 20, 2009
transexual female dog
hows it hanging bizzy
by christian marin March 05, 2009
a conection between the term "babe" and "bitch"
Will you pour me another "drizzie" "bizzie"? Drizzie meaning drink.
by pleth March 25, 2003
the opposite of hizzy.
Diznak is always hizzy, Bobby is bever bizzy.
by Denthead Wood November 03, 2003
Another word for Busy used by People who want to act kew or need a word to rhyme with
"I'm Bizzy Bytach Go away"
by Dat_wun_Asian_Guy October 13, 2003
(Noun) Slang for Bong, like hizzy is slang for house.
I was takin fat rips off my dj's bizzy.
by Nathan July 20, 2004

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