a blunt wrap, or a marijuana cigar
Paul smoked a bizzy with K and J
by Kevin September 07, 2004
Top Definition
Liverpudlian slang word for Police
Da, Fuckin Bizzies got me for speedin'
by BizLas November 30, 2003
Member of Bone Thugs N Harmony
Bizzy Bone,Flesh N Bone,Wish Bone,Krayzie Bone,Layzie Bone
by Nathalie December 02, 2003
Often misspelled as "busy," to be overcome with work to the point of dizziness.
My wife's "honey do" list has got me running bizzy around the house.
#busy #dizzy #honeydo's #honeydue #busy as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest
by SunshineHugsTrees August 05, 2009
In scouser slang (from Liverpool), it's the same as "cop".
I can tell you're from Merseyside, you just called that plod "bizzy".

Them bizzies are comin', run!
#bizzie #plod #cop #policeman #force unit
by V for Violet April 14, 2010
A word for the Police mostly used by charvers in the north-east
Charvette: Ha ha thats buzzin that man how fuckin monged {pissed or high} amma {am i}?!
Charver: ha ha rites{word for damn right or hell yeah} am buzzin off me head im so monged
Charvette: SHITTTT here comes the bizzys quick dee {do} a blitz {run for your life} they'll tek {take} our peeve {alcohol} the dirty bastards!

*crew of twenty "blitz"}
by The Bitch Herself! Mwah x May 14, 2005
When something is strange or wierd.
#wierd #strange #stupid #dumb #crazy
by jbuggy236 May 13, 2009
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