Acronym for, Brother i'd fuck.
hey BIF!
by Chyo Mamma April 08, 2009
Butt in Front. Unsightly mound of flesh between the belly and the pussy. In extreme cases, the pile of blubber may actually develop a crease between the belly button and the vagina, giving the illusion of a butt in front.
Damn, that girl Shea's bif is making me hot!! I love the way the sweat runs down....
by DyinRyan October 23, 2007
Short for bifta, joint/spliff/reefer
oi geez, pass us that bif
B.I.F is a graffiti crew in Sweden, known from the hiphop group "Looptroop", which apparently has members in it.
"You think I wrote B.I.F on Mac D without a reason" -Cos.m.i.c/Looptroop/Long arm of the Law

"Cosmic stayed home but BIF crew stay tight" -Looptroop/Ambush in the night

"but the story you tell do the letters i spell
s.h.i.t with the b.i.f c.r.e.w
love graffiti til death" -Looptroop/Illegal Commercials
by sir her November 21, 2006
Short for Butt In Front. Similar to a gunt. Can be used for male or female
She had such a big BIF, I was able to fuck it. I love that.
by Copie Boy December 03, 2002
acronym for Bi Female
I'm a bif looking for a guy or a girl :)
by Dan June 17, 2006
A synonym of the word gash.
She has got a large bif.
by Nikki Blonde June 18, 2008

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