The accidental leakage of a females menstrual cycle into her panties! i.e:- blood-stained knickers as a result of a very heavy period or getting 'caught-short' without any sanitary items!
"Errrr, that lass has BIFED her pants n its come trhough her jeans! Go and lend her a tammy!!"
by KarMaCorp July 29, 2009
Acronym for Boobs In the Face.
Later on Saturday, went to a guys bachelor party. We rented out a small bar, lots of backroom BIF from 2 working girls.
by Hunter Ryan July 20, 2009
Acronym for, Brother i'd fuck.
hey BIF!
by Chyo Mamma April 08, 2009
boyfriend. from 'bf' and developed into the pronouncable word 'bif'

"i'm going to go call my bif now"
"my bif and i are going out tonight"
by britneyjk October 03, 2006
(BIF = Before I forget)

...and that’s final, and that’s that, it’s as simple as that, period. BTW BIF...U suk! (It's always important to have the last word, even if it is an acronym, or as luck may have it; a pseudo-acronym.) See example below.
Kid 1: BIF...shut the F'Up. NO...Srsly!

Kid 2: (scared stiff)
by meshla December 31, 2009
n. Bif The Wizard; The leek wielding mascot of science depicted as a stick figure. BiF's name originates from the elements Beryllium and Fluoride. Is often associated with the word BiFtastic, meaning absolutely nothing whatsoever.
Dude: That's a BiF if I've ever seen one.
Other Dude: What's a BiF?
Dude: I don't know.
Other Dude: Woah... Deep...
by NNBTK October 30, 2009
Butt in Front. Unsightly mound of flesh between the belly and the pussy. In extreme cases, the pile of blubber may actually develop a crease between the belly button and the vagina, giving the illusion of a butt in front.
Damn, that girl Shea's bif is making me hot!! I love the way the sweat runs down....
by DyinRyan October 23, 2007

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