Brilliant Idea Fairy; the imbecile who doesn't help a situation and can actually make things worse. He or she will suggest ideas that are impractical, implausable or impossible. Most often found where senior management hasn't a clue and no experience and is directing operations.
BIF is very similar to the owner of a MBA with no practical work experience in the job you are performing who is attempting to make your job more productive.
by Crazy Q January 30, 2013
Bitch I'm Famous

If People like what you do, just say it: Bitch I'm Famous!

If your proud of yourself of what you did, just say it: Bitch I'm Famous!

If you feel good about yourself and you look hot, just say it:
Bitch I'm Famous!

by Darmine86 October 23, 2010
Bitch I'd Fuck
Pronounced: biff
You're just a BIF
by mylifebelike1 August 01, 2010
(BIF = Before I forget)

...and that’s final, and that’s that, it’s as simple as that, period. BTW BIF...U suk! (It's always important to have the last word, even if it is an acronym, or as luck may have it; a pseudo-acronym.) See example below.
Kid 1: BIF...shut the F'Up. NO...Srsly!

Kid 2: (scared stiff)
by meshla December 31, 2009
n. Bif The Wizard; The leek wielding mascot of science depicted as a stick figure. BiF's name originates from the elements Beryllium and Fluoride. Is often associated with the word BiFtastic, meaning absolutely nothing whatsoever.
Dude: That's a BiF if I've ever seen one.
Other Dude: What's a BiF?
Dude: I don't know.
Other Dude: Woah... Deep...
by NNBTK October 30, 2009
Originally an acronym standing for 'Bloody Invalidity Fund', the terminology 'bif' fell into common use through the UK police force and amongst traffic wardens for defining those members of the public who have blue badge entitlement. The word has never been officially recognised and is often discouraged by managers in these politically correct times, however there are very few police, traffic wardens or civil enforcement officers who are unaware of the word and its meaning. Often given the misspelling of biff by those who use the word but are unaware of its original acronym.
"He has left his car on double lines but he is a bif so can't be booked for three hours".
by BadedasTheBlue October 13, 2009
The accidental leakage of a females menstrual cycle into her panties! i.e:- blood-stained knickers as a result of a very heavy period or getting 'caught-short' without any sanitary items!
"Errrr, that lass has BIFED her pants n its come trhough her jeans! Go and lend her a tammy!!"
by KarMaCorp July 29, 2009

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