Short for Burning Horizon. The leader of a Strong Bad email (section on Homestar Runner) secret site. Also the administrator of the BHZ Homestar Runner fan forum.

BHZ is also the name of his forum. The forum\'s administrators (Besides BHZ) are yello_dello, Fhqwhgads, and jcompton. Aside from this there are several super mods (Da_Cheat, Depressio, and Potthole) and other mods. The forum began in August 2003 and since then has become the largest Homestar community in the world. Even Matt Chapman, one of the people behind Homestar, has visited the forum. This is were such infamous interneters have gotten their start, including Edge, Sharp, Ivan, Tape Leg (All members of, 1up_Clock (Famous for his toons on Newgrounds), Gir (Creator of Laugh a Minute, a popular site in the Malibu and Santa Monica area in California), ShutItUpMe (Creator of Jojo the Christian Clown) Fhqwhgads (Creator of, and others. In 2004 one administrator Fhqwhgads gave up his position as Administrator. He gave it to yello_dello. Some argue yello_dello is too strict, but many of the members respect her job and the work she puts into it. Several members have been banned from the site. This includes Edge, Maiden_Rules15, Carter, Homsar (Who came back as a changed man), and others. Despite a few bad members, the site continues to prosper and gain more members.

See also Edge, yello_dello, and Weisturbooky.
BHZ is a great guy. HE RULES!
by Some guy. April 26, 2005
Top Definition
(Black Haven Zone)
Area of Memphis, Tennessee
topic of many Three 6 Mafia Songs
Yo, Three 6 be reppin' that BHZ!
by 66:61 May 03, 2006
What people feel when they're trolled.
*on 911*
Person: Why would you say that?!?! YOU'RE HORRIBLE
Troll: Feelings some major BHz, bro?
by OneWhoSpells November 21, 2011
And Jenajam rules too.
by Gir April 29, 2005
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