BHV is short for Butt Hole Virginity, or the virginity of one's butt hole. Unlike a regular virginity, BHV cannot be lost in anyway, so everyone can be proud of maintaining their BHV throughout their entire life. Sometimes, when someone takes it up the butt hole, they consider it 'losing' their BHV, but they can lose their BHV infinitly because it is always there. Locations that sport extreme BHV activiities are 1. Prisons (research shows that comitting a major crime and recieving time in prison guarantees the crime-doer to have BHV activity within a time spectrum of 2 minutes to 4 days, depending on size and level of bad askness of the crime-doer). 2. Wherever Freddy Mercury was during his lifetime. 3. Houses of select priests or religious figures.
Dude! I totally got scammed the other day! I found an auction this 19-year-old girl was holding to get herself to college, she was auctioning off her virginity! So I bid 1.3 million dollars, and found out that it was her BHV, which I get enough of from my wife.
Top Definition
Big Hairy Vagina.........
Gawd damn did you see the BHV on that chick that was with Dusty?? You could knit a sweater out of that!
by Drewzer June 27, 2007
Big Hairy Vagina. AKA BHV
Damn! Did you see the BHV on that chick with Dusty? You could knit a sweater out of that!
by DustyTA July 10, 2007
Black Hole Vagina

a woman who had sex so much that her vagina sucks in men like a black hole.....
Heads up bro, that bitch has a BHV
by Julian Stein November 24, 2007
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