this is a up comming street gang started by nosferatu, scribbles, and a couple of their homies in the bay area and oregon..BHN stands fr "BLACK HOODED NINJAS" whuuuuuuuuuuut!

The complete name of this gang is BHN DCLXVI.
represent that motha fuckin BHN DCLXVI nifaboo!


by SCRIBBLES BITCH October 25, 2006
acronym for Bite. Hand. Now. Used when awkward, scandalous, and or uncomfortable situations occur
Person A: I just failed a test!
Person B: BHN!

Person A: Damn girl you be fine
Person B: Awk cause you're not. bhn.
by prettygirlr0ck April 05, 2011
An acronym for one of the best damn groups out here in the real world standing for BITCHES HOES and NEGROES
O Shit here come them BHN boys. those guys are just too damn gangsta
by losangeles18th September 21, 2010

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