Mainly used on Facebook chat to sum up a mixed emotions of being bored/tired a bit frisky and hungry or happy... Usually hungry..

Something I made up a few weeks ago. Not sure why. Made me chuckle though..
Me: Meh not too bad, BHH really..

Girl: BHH?

Me: Bored Horny Hungry..

Girl: Oh, never heard that before...
by roberto91 August 04, 2011
Top Definition
An Internet gang that attacks people who mess with their members by posting their Personal Myspace URL, phone number or other way of communication on their underground blogs. The leader of the BHH's name is Sharolaid.
The BHH attacked me yesterday by having over 200 people call my house.

Don't mess with the BHH, they are very powerful.
by BHH Member May 05, 2007
BHH stands for Bustin Ho's Heads. This is what a female guest of the tv show Maury claimed was the name of a gang she had formed.
An online celebrity Sharolaid adapted the content of this episode of Maury into some of her videos further popularizing the term BHH. Next the online celebrity "Sparkle" released an online video rap about BHH.

There are many website groups claiming to be BHH which seem unaffiliated to the Maury guest nor to Sharolaid or Sparkle.
A clip of the Maury show in which BHH was first released into pop culture can be found by searching for the words "The real BHH".
by 2wyt December 26, 2008
Abbreviation for Black Hooker Hunt. The act of walking around Las Vegas in search of black hookers with the sole purpose of negotiating and then bailing.
Dave was very interested in going on a BHH at 6:00 AM outside the casino
by Veeegas July 03, 2014
Bless her/his heart. Used for people that you genuinely think are sweet, or that obliviously did something. Can be substituted with BTH (bless their hearts) BHOH (bless her/his old heart, etc.
Oh, that poor little boy, he's in last place but he's still running. BHH!
by Susylk October 31, 2010
acronym for "bless her/his heart".
My father is a good man, bhh.

My daughter tried to make all A's but failed, bhh.
by Maerghaine August 26, 2009
broken hearted homie.
poor nate his girlfriend just broke up with him, what a bhh.
by word to yo motha! November 24, 2008
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