1. A young woman who has BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and is acting like a bitch. A negative word when used by others (mostly men).

2. A term those women with BPD can use about themselves to show others that they are in controll and successful despite their disorder. A positive and proud word when used by these women.

3. A substitute for "bitch" when she has BPD.

4. When a bitch without BPD acts crazy.
1. Last night she was a such BHD again.

2. Shut up! I might be BHD, but I'm proud of it.

3. I know you have BPD, but you are still a real BHD.

4. What the hell?! Are you a BHD now?
by Avara March 22, 2005
Top Definition
An acronym that stands for Big Hairy Dick. Typically refers to any male genitalia that is large and covered in hair.

The colloquial definition of this term plays on its similar sounding and spelling to the word Ph.D. Thus, BHD is often written as Bh.D., giving the word a revered connotation that is directed towards whoever is the respective Bh.D. holder.

Similar to phd: Pretty Huge Dick
Girl #1: He was huge! No joke, I almost gasped when I saw his member.
Girl #2: Was it a...? You know, a...?
Girl #1: You mean, a...? Mhm, it was ;-)
Girl #2: I am so jealous! God damn, I wish my boyfriend had a BHD!

(Used as a pick up line/a means of impressing someone)
Guy: I attend college at (insert any prestigious Ivy League university here). And, I also have a Bh.D.
Girl: You mean, a Ph.D? Well, wow! Good for you! Was that hard?
Guy: No, baby a Bh.D. A big hairy dick. And yes, it is often hard... Very hard.
Girl: *Stunned*

(Ironic Usage)
Guy #1: So, Ashley's pretty hot.. Did you see her tonight?
Guy #2: Yeah she looked good, but I don't know man, I hear she has a Bh.D.
Guy #1: Really? Ah, FUCK! She really fooled me. Goddamn trannie!
Guy #1: I feel you. All the good ones are hot until you meet them, get them in bed, and find out they have a Bh.D. in Anatomy. It fucking blows.
by Cottaginna Fresh Za July 10, 2008
Better Hide or Die

(An ELITE PS3 clan who plays Warhawk, MAG, and Killzone3.)
BHD just raped me ingame so I am going to go to the forums and call them the "Forum Elite" and QQ my eyes out.
by A_Lag_Switcher April 13, 2011
Bad Hair Day. Used on online chats.
Damn, I am having a very bhd!
by augie4ever June 26, 2007
BHD means B.lack H.awk D.own.
radio:Bob we got a BHD!!! We got a BHD!!!
Bob:O shit we need lots of meds at crash site asap.
The movie Black Hawk Down.
Shit son, lets go watch some bhd.
by jadamcmiles November 23, 2006
n. Stands for Broken-Heart Disease. Normally suffered by people who are separated from that 'special someone' for a prolonged period of time for whatever reason (i.e. break-up, vacation, moving, etc.). Symptoms include crying, loss of appetite, thoughts of the world being over, depression, and more crying.
Guy 1: Dude, what's wrong? You haven't been talking much today.
Guy 2: Oh, *insert current love interest's name here* left for the summer so I won't see her for the next 6 weeks. So you could say I'm experiencing the first stages of BHD.
Guy 1: .......fag.
by Pot. June 18, 2007
AKA Back-of-Head Disapointment
When looking at someone who appears to be rather hot from behind, and then he or she turns around and you discover he/she is defintly not.
Elisa: OMG wut a cutie
(Turns around)
Jenah: Ew, what a BHD that was
by Song and a Dance July 29, 2008

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