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BGR is the abbreviation for "Big Gay Romp", which occurs when several otherwise generally-heterosexual men get together for a night of hot, sticky, homosexual rompage. A BGR is usually recorded on video by a woman wearing a chicken suit, but that is not a strict requirement for the occurrence of an official BGR. However, if recorded, and if the woman in the chicken suit is a diminutive Filipino, a BGR of the highest degree has occurred.
After six intense hours of playing poker, the guys erupted in a sweaty BGR of the highest degree, as the lone female player at the game, adorned in her best chicken suit, captured the lascivious event on video. After the event, each participant sheepishly returned home to his respective female mate.
by Stone Creek June 15, 2016
short form for boy-girl relationship
Why get into a BGR at such a young age?
by htrh May 30, 2005
A nick-name known as Big Gay Roommate
BGR just sits in front of his computer, drops his mouth and stares all day long, I can never have any time alone in the room with BGR there.
by Mass747 January 24, 2011
big gaping rectum
GOATSE MAN and Brian have the bgr's.
by EnOb May 27, 2004
noun: big gay rhinoceros
Brian occasionally acted like a bgr!
by EnOb May 26, 2004
Bound Gag Rape

They use it on Law and Order.
Jerry's mo is bgr in the park.
by TCT March 01, 2008
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