the meaning of the word B.G.F is Bitch! Get Fucked a term used by the Girlfriends of guys when their is another woman trying to steel their Man.
Today their was a girl that wanted to go out with me even though i was with someone else that so my girlfriend slapped her in the face and shouted B.G.F.
by Wordman239 September 15, 2010
Beer Goggle Face- a girl with a face that would be improved by a few beers
"yo that girl is ugly"
"nah she just has a BGF"
by Mierchuk Noris October 25, 2011
a large black militant prison gang lead by a former black panther
the B.G.F will kick the aryan brotherhoods ass
by bg:baby gangstar June 23, 2006
Big Greasy Face
I need to go wash my BGF.
by suglet February 18, 2011
either meaning 'Best Gay friend','Best Guy Friend' or 'Best Girl Friend'(On Best Girl/Guy friend,it is not meaning they are dating,just really great friends :] )
1. 'You and Tim Best friends?' 'No,he is my bgf,best gay friend'

2.'Evan is like my bgf!'

3.'Carly is my bgf!'
by TheMagicMuffin May 09, 2010
Best Girl Friend girlfriend best girlfriend
We talk, we laugh, we cry, we sing, we shop... that's what you do with your BGF!
by Betty Bettyo April 21, 2008
A B.G.F that is an all around douche bag
man, that mark miller kid is such a B.G.F.
by b rizzle is May 17, 2006
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