Big Gay Beard

In order for a gay person to appear straight they will most likely adopt a BGB, a straight person to pose as their boyfriend/girlfriend/etc. These fake relationships may or may not be known by the BGB.

Commonly used to explain the actions of Santana, Quinn, and/or Karofsky on Glee.
1.) Operation Big Gay Beard is a go!

2.) Will you be my BGB?
by doesntlikepsuedonyms April 22, 2011
Balding Gay-Boy Syndrome - a young cute gay boy afflicted with a receding hairline.
Yeah, he's pretty cute for a gymrat, but that BGBS he's got going on is a deal-breaker - bitch looks like Rhianna with a forehead that large.
by eriq78 January 22, 2010
(Australian term for a good person)
Maaayte...... you are an absolute BGB.. (Bloody Good Bloke)
by Serds December 22, 2009
black guy bandana. it's that bandana that you always see black guys wearing. it is used mostly to hide the horrid dread locks that they have.
That guy on Wife Swap was wearing a BGB
by himymlover December 27, 2011
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