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Big Fucking Whoopie.

As coined by iconic Australian rock act, and the "hardest working part-time band in the business" - TISM.

To be used as a proclamation of apathy.
Stock market: Lots of guys with rat-cunning, ripping off each other.

Vegans: Deeply committed people. Better than you and me.
BFW, mate.

The Internet: More crap at your fingertips than on them.
Big Fuckin Whoopie!
by Wendall March 02, 2005
Big Fucking Wrench
"Hand me that BFW, so I can get this nut off".
#big damn wrench #big wrench #persuasion #big fucking persuasion #nut buster
by Mechanic121 October 26, 2010
Butt Fucking Wild; to go crazy, act a fool or thoroughly enjoy ones self within the confines of a social setting
As a server at Chili's sometimes I get so superdrove and 38 hot at table asking for dumb shit (like lemons and extra Splenda so they can make their own free lemonade) that I just want to go BFW on some clowns!
#chili's #server #38 hot #pissed #fun #social setting #enjoyment #recreation
by jdh06004 March 09, 2010
Big Fat Women. BBW except not very beautiful...
Ben: She's like BBW but without the B, she's just a BW
Bill: What does the B stand for?
Ben: You just said you knew what BBW means.
Bill: Yeah but I don't know what it stands for, I just know it's when there's all these big fat women ...
Ben: BFW!!!
#fat #big fat women #bbw #big #big beautiful women
by AssSpanker September 28, 2009
BFW, or built for war, means exactly that; one is built for war and everything that comes with it.
I'm BFW: built for war- DMX
#atf #mob #100 #trill #deep
by the_realest definition July 13, 2009
Butt-Fucking Whore
Dude, your mom is a BFW.

Initiate punch to the face
#whore #slut #big #tits #rick #james #bitch
by Daddy Long Stroke November 28, 2011
Built for war
"bring it on man, im totally b.f.w right now"
#strong #jacked #pumped #crazy #bezerk
by yeeeeeeeeeaaaashawty July 26, 2009
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