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Beautiful First Nations Women, these are the women that represent our culture, our beautiful, beautiful culture. Not it the negative ways that you see Native people shown in T.V, or in story's and tales that say we're all Chugs or raging alcoholics. Be proud.
Those BFNW's are gorgeous!

I love BFNW's!
by maaaaaaaaaackiiiiiie February 18, 2010
Bum Fuck NoWhere, this is a spot which resembles the arse end of nowhere. Most likely to be inhabited by rednecks, inbreds and yokels. Miles from help and a hot meal/cold beer, it usually sucks to be there.
BFNW is the family friendly version to be used when parents or grandparents are in ear shot.
"Tell mum not to slow down this place looks like we're in BFNW..."
by tmbss December 30, 2011
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