BFN= Bold, Fresh and New

BFN is a style criterion used for purchasing shirts. BFN was created for people who want to stand out and look classy at the same time. BFN is a legacy of the modern era, where confident, hardworking people can achieve anything.

Bold: You walk into a room and people notice you. Less is more-- stay away from anything too busy. The effect must be subtle or you will look like a complete tool.

Fresh: If you could smell colors, the colors on the BFN shirt would smell like a fresh breeze. Light colors, sometimes combined with contrast for emphasis.

New: Only crisp and modern. Don't go near anything faded, ragged, or wrinkled.
Charles: Alex, you look good man, and you are always surrounded by women. What is your secret?

Alex: BFN
by A.Black May 28, 2012
butt fuck nowhere
Driving through Lodi, one is in BFN.
by The Grammar Nazi February 19, 2001
Acronym standing for 'Bye For Now'.

Used as an abbreviated ending to correspondence.
See you tomorrow.


by Zuel May 05, 2003
A term used by teenagers and maoris to call another "Big For Nothing"
Person 1: "Why you such a bfn"
Person 2: You ain't even skuxx g
by ZzKurtzZ April 24, 2010
A way of saying "Butt Fuck Nowhere" that usually sparks someone to say "What's BFN?" which forces you to say "Butt Fuck Nowhere".
Girl 1: Wow, where are we? We should have asked for directions cause now were in BFN.

Girl 2: BFN? Whats that mean?

Girl 1: Butt Fuck Nowhere, don't you know anything?
by HeepsOfWords March 17, 2011
Big For Nothing
Look at that guy he's huge!

Yea but he looks BFN.
by thorax25 March 24, 2009
BIG FOR NOTHING -pronounced as beefin-girl or guy who thinks they are all that but are big with no muscles- commonly used in the slang of teens and young adults in new zealand.
hey he's hot

(laughs) he's got a mud body, why are you into bfn boys for ae
by MadBaggage January 28, 2012
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