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Abbreviation for the Welsh metal band "Bullet For My Valentine"
Popular songs by BFMV Include: The Poison
All These Things I Hate (revolve Around Me)
Suffocating Under Words OF Sorrow
And Four Words To Choke Upon
by galexy_09 May 07, 2006
Bears Fisting Moose's Vagina's
Greg: Do you like BFMV?
Dave: They're an alright band.
Greg: I'm not talking about the band.
Dave: Then what the fuck are you talking about?
Greg: Bears fisting moose's vagina's.
Dave: You're a bit wierd. I'm going to go now.
Greg: Are you going to watch animal pornography?
Dave: Fuck off!
by Mister Shaun May 13, 2008
Abbrevation for the gay sex position Butt Fuck Me Violently.
Danny: So how should we do this sexy.
Ronny: Bfmv!
Danny: Alright here i go!
Ronny: OOooOHHooHHH
by TheGuyWhoCreatedBFMV December 07, 2009