(n) Barely Functioning Imbecile. Phrase coined specifically to describe reality show "stars" who are at once incapable of pulling off simple, real-life tasks, and yet have achieved fame (or perhaps merely notoriety).

(v) The act of being a BFI.
(n) That BFI Kim Kardashian couldn't even pull off a presentation of her own "fashion" line.

(v) Kim really BFI'd that presentation. It's like she has no idea how business is done.
by GeorgeandIra August 15, 2011
(BFI)mission is to provide the highest quality waste collection, recycling, transportation, disposal and related services to both public and private customers worldwide. We will carry out our mission efficiently, safely and in an environmentally responsible manner with respect for the role of government in protecting the public interest. BFI is used in the urban community as a descriptive word or alternative to garbage. It can be used in a variety of ways.
Mannnn, that nigga shit is BFI. Ole garbage ass nigga, BFI ass nigga. Nigga need'ta be put out with tha garbage fo BFI etc.
by ThaWhat October 03, 2008
Boeing Field International Airport, Seattle, Washington, USA. Not to be confused with bff!.
Flying lessons at BFI are fucking -expensive-.
by A Guy Who Was There Once January 09, 2006
Black Family Inside. like those dump trucks you see on the road.
God Damn there goes a the BFI truck.
by Seanbgone March 12, 2006
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