Best Fucking Friends For Life!
Nikki you are my BFFL!
by Ilikehimlikewhoaaaa January 22, 2009
Best Friend For Life

A BFFL is the one person you can trust no matter what, but would never date. A lot of girls have gay guy BFFLs
Why is Daniel calling you? Are you two going out?
Umm, NO! He's gay, we're BFFLs!
by RubyParker April 14, 2008
a contradiction of the words bitch and waffle. normally used as a compliment not as an insult.
saying "you are my bffl." is like saying "sup sally, you are my bitch waffle."
by appl May 01, 2009
Acronym meaning "best friends for life."
you stuck your evil inside me, we can be bffl.
by sef February 06, 2003
Bitches for fucken life
Alyssa and I are total BFFL's, fo shiz.
by Batchle. June 17, 2008

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