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Best Friend For High School. A person that is your best friend now but you know that the second you leave high school you'll never speak to them again.
I'm really going to miss my BFFHS Sarah when we go away to college this summer.
by getsum2 May 02, 2010
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Best Friends in Four Hours.

BFFH is that person you meet at the bar or a party, instantly connect with, and become best friends with by the end of the night.
I went to a bar last night, and met this cool guy. Now we're totally BFFH's.
by Evie3217 January 18, 2011
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Best Friends From Hell/Hades

best friends who does every bad thing together. partners in crime. if you and your best friend aren't exactly well behaved then you're BFFH.
Juanito: you and Xyryl are BFFH, right?

Vera: yeah

Juanito: fits you devils
by ccerise September 24, 2010
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