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Best Fucking Friends For Fucking Life
1.) At the beach with my BFFFFL!

2.) My BFFFFL is the greatest person in the world!
by JETBARR August 06, 2014
Best freakin; friends forever for life
A: Hey, are we still BFFFL?!
B: Nope, that was so two seconds ago, now, we're BFFFFL!
A: Huh, again?
B: Don't you dare ruin the moment again!
by Momijix10 July 25, 2008
Best Friend Forever For Life.
make sure there are four F's.
One who you begin a relationship with on a very drunk night by calling him/her your "bff for life." The rest is history.
(with the opposite sex)
well, all better now. thanks to my bffffl.
by Alana and Doni January 29, 2008
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