Best Friends Forever is the common term, But most of my crew use it as "Best Fuck Friend"

Alot of people don't have relationships instead have a variety of "friends with benefits"

Your most favorite friend with benefits is your Best Fuck Friend
They are good in bed.. But they are not my BFF. (Best Fuck Friend)
by DerZy - God of Ganja May 22, 2009
I think except Best friend forever, it can also mean best female friend. Why not?
Sara is my bff.
by lizzie_bennet October 22, 2008
Butt Fucking Friend
Chris went to go to his BFF's house to pound her Ass.
by Chrisxx July 17, 2008
best friends for sex.
So you know the milkman too?
Why yes, he's my Bffs! hehehee
by AllysonClaire July 28, 2006
Big fat f*cker
2 girls: we're Bff's (bestfriendsforever)
2 guys: haaha big fat f*cker!!
an abreviation for bast female friends or best friends forever meaning that nothing could ever separate u
1 : hey bff lets go to the mall

2 : sure lets get a pretzel

1 and 2 : no salt !!!!!!!!

1 : lol
by duuuuuudette who rocks June 03, 2011
Also Best Friends forever. Nothing will come in between them.
Hey Zach! says taylor
Yeah? says zach
Wanna go egg some spookes house? says taylor
Sure says zach and they go off, cause they are best friends even though taylor wouldnt tell zach something forever!!!!!
Zach and Taylor are BFF
by BFFnojokeFORREAL June 20, 2009

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