Abbreaviation for best friends forever.
Me and Amy are BFF for life!
by friendlygigchok September 11, 2012
Stands for Big Fat Fuck
My boss is a lazy, good-for-nothing BFF.
by Unka Chunka September 30, 2011
Best. Facebook. Friends.
Dude. I just spammed your wall with links. I think this means we're BFF's.
by emberino August 01, 2011
B- Big
F- Fat
F- Fucker
I used this since before best friends forever ever started. Original DOS, kermit word.

If I saw a guy at school that was huge, we would say B.F.F on our KERMIT conversation. If you do not know what kermit is, then look it up and you will see how old I am talking about. LOL
by HorseLOVA July 11, 2011
big fucking fail
my night was a BFF
by bobbarkerrox March 14, 2011
Best Fag Fuck
oh my gawd, phil was the bff i ever had!

1: hey there
2: hi
1: lets make out, ill be your bff you ever had
2: oke
by ikdrinkspablauw June 11, 2010
Drew and Hana
Drew and Hana is the best example of a BFF.
by EyeDropClub April 15, 2010
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