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bitch for fuck
Girl:Boy, you are my bff (best friends forever)
Boy:Girl, you are my bff too (he have mean bitch for fuck)
by coft May 19, 2009
9 25
Many of these definitions make sense to me, especially 'best friends forever' as the probably original genesis. Albeit, the word BFF is also the name of a mossy rock / abstract pop music band.
I am enjoying Bacon from BFF on my boom box.
by scupperjunior April 09, 2009
14 30
I think except Best friend forever, it can also mean best female friend. Why not?
Sara is my bff.
by lizzie_bennet October 22, 2008
19 35
Best Fantastic Fair!

"Fair" here means beautiful girl!!! that meaning was used in old day!!

so, this "bff" shows "bff(Best Fantastic Fair)" and "bff(best friend forever)"
1.you are my B.F.F!!

2.at the end of letter
by Vicher Li December 27, 2007
11 27
best friends for sex.
So you know the milkman too?
Why yes, he's my Bffs! hehehee
by AllysonClaire July 28, 2006
83 99
Meaning: Best Friends For Sex

Used amongst some really close friends, no relationship no nothing, just a fun night for both friends.
Maybe even involved with 3 or 4 people.
girl says to a guy: "I enjoyed it so much! always BFFS with you pal ;)"
by DeceptiBonk January 25, 2014
0 17
Best Female Friend. An acronym usually used by a male to signify a best mate who is a girl
This girl is playing mind games on me. I may have to call the BFF and see if she can decipher the meaning of this text message.
by CageFightingBlogger May 26, 2013
1 18