Best fucking friend
If she was not my B.F.F. I would hate her.
by boofuu November 02, 2003
Commonly used as Best Friends Forever, but among your overweight friends you can use it as Big Fat Fucks.
John: Hey, wanna go to White Castle?
Bob: No, I'm on a diet.
John: But I thought we were B.F.F.!
by Alex Blake January 23, 2007
joseph and nicole who love ashley very very much.
you guys are just like bff. joseph and nicole
by be August 25, 2004
the best thing to happen to me since the color purple & drop it like it's hottt!
A*Fizzle, B*Kizzle & D*Sizzle are the best dork ever! XOXO
by allie spo February 28, 2005
Brain fart factor. A measurement of how much obvious information you forget when you take a test. Those with a B.F.F. of .1 forget 10% of the obvious. Those with a B.F.F. of .2 forget 20%, etc.
I only studied half the material and I have a .5 B.F.F. I'm only gonna get a 25% on the test. I'm screwed.
by 2014_chiguy October 01, 2007
Normally used to mean "best friends forever", but occasionally used to mean "butt fucking fags" as a humorous double entendre.
1. "You're a great friend Sara. We're B.F.F.'s." (sincere)

2. "Look at those B.F.F.'s over there ... snicker." (second meaning)
by Lord Dickish August 02, 2006
1. Christin and Erica
2. Best Friends Forever
Christin: You so get me
Erica: BFF!!
Christin: 4 Life!
by Christin March 11, 2005

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