"Best female friend"

Differs from BF, which means "boyfriend."
I'm throwing a bachelorette party for my bff next week.
by Astergirl August 15, 2005
But Fuck Fantasy, or Best Friend Fucker
you are the coolest BFF ever!
by poo November 10, 2003
Boy fucks free:
What whores say about a man they really like to fuck because they experience orgasm
O my god, he here comes! That bff he's so good.
by Renee June 23, 2004
a BFF is a Big Fat Fagthe first F can b substitutated for other words.
A boy being a BFF to a group of girls can also be refered to has: being a man slave, being held by the balls, kissing ass, or being a chump fool.
Man, Max has become a BFF for all the girls from this town, and that other town; what a fool
by Awesome Andrew May 02, 2005
a two-timing b**** who says she's ur best freind, but turns into a preppy flirt in Uggs who steals ur guy. someone who is not worth crying over, but you do anyway.
ex. someone you probably know
by BrokenSoul February 09, 2005
Used to describe a member of the opposite sex (or the same sex) that is your current Best Fuck Fantasy.
Mmmmm, he is my B.F.F.
by Being Me November 26, 2007
Best fucking friend
If she was not my B.F.F. I would hate her.
by boofuu November 02, 2003

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