Abbreviation for: Best Fucking Friend. The person to whom you are closest.
Dude, you're my bff! We get along so well.
by little man August 16, 2005
"Butt Fucking Fagotts"
BFF is self explanitory with the REAL definition above
by Mark Pucheu October 12, 2006
When applied to women, an annoying acronym meaning Best Friends Forever, but when applied to guys, has a slightly more condescending meaning, such as Butt-Fucking Fags, or Biggest Fucking Faeries, or --you get the idea
OMG, those fags are sooo BFF!
by Mr. Carrington June 23, 2006
a lie. there is no such thing as having a BFF because eventually you will just stab each other in the back one too many times and it will be over forever.
the person you think is your best friend. if you're lucky enough to think you have one at the moment.

someone who is not worth crying over but you always do anyway

Person1: My so-called BFF just stole my guy/girl and now shes/hes pissed at me for no reason!

Person2: welcome to my world
by na//me November 15, 2005
acronym which stands for "Back Fat Fuckin'". Achieved by pushing together two rolls of fat on some fat slut's back and pumping away. A good technique when the rotund cum-dumpster you're rogering has a hatchet wound so loose that it's like throwing a hot dog through a hallway.
You'll get that new aggressive full-blown AIDS if you bone that slutty keg-on-legs.

That's okay, I just plan on doing some BFF'n.
by Twisted Phister March 09, 2005
"Best female friend"

Differs from BF, which means "boyfriend."
I'm throwing a bachelorette party for my bff next week.
by Astergirl August 15, 2005
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