Best Female Friend. An acronym usually used by a male to signify a best mate who is a girl
This girl is playing mind games on me. I may have to call the BFF and see if she can decipher the meaning of this text message.
by CageFightingBlogger May 26, 2013
Best Friends Forever. It does not mean Boy Friend, or Bad Friend, though it is a comman mistake.
-My BFF is Ari!
-You are my BFF!
-I'll ask my BFF!
by NoNo Claire December 17, 2006
BFF is a rock band on the Neverever Records label. Their music is a cross between the musical genres mossy rock and abstract pop.
I am rocking out to the new BFF track; it's so mossy!
by yamlord February 18, 2008
Biblically Forbidden Fornication - a sexual act which is forbidden as per Bible.
Fucking in the ass?? thats a bff dude!
by Acsstl August 14, 2007
A common term used by girls during text messages or in the process of making friends. It stands for BEST FRIENDS FOREVER, BUTT FUCK FRIENDS, BIG FAT FUCK.
Your my BFF now lets go do some fun stuff with each other at the mall or in the bed.
by AeilSpear October 14, 2007
people that are part of your life. There always there for you. They are understanding and you love them like your family.They dont judge you and like you for who you are.Bff means best friends for ever.
Yay charolotte,sydney,emma,alyssa,jessie, and rosie are my bffs.
by andreawinditup April 16, 2007
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