people that are part of your life. There always there for you. They are understanding and you love them like your family.They dont judge you and like you for who you are.Bff means best friends for ever.
Yay charolotte,sydney,emma,alyssa,jessie, and rosie are my bffs.
by andreawinditup April 16, 2007
Best Fag Fuck
oh my gawd, phil was the bff i ever had!

1: hey there
2: hi
1: lets make out, ill be your bff you ever had
2: oke
by ikdrinkspablauw June 11, 2010
Drew and Hana
Drew and Hana is the best example of a BFF.
by EyeDropClub April 15, 2010
Butt Fucking Fan
This is Brian. He's gay.

Brian: I'm a BFF.
by Big Thor December 06, 2009
Bank Failure Friday
BFF is when a bank is taken over by the FDIC- it always happens on a Friday.
by clreader November 13, 2009
Also Best Friends forever. Nothing will come in between them.
Hey Zach! says taylor
Yeah? says zach
Wanna go egg some spookes house? says taylor
Sure says zach and they go off, cause they are best friends even though taylor wouldnt tell zach something forever!!!!!
Zach and Taylor are BFF
by BFFnojokeFORREAL June 20, 2009
one of your best friends;best friend forever;abbreviation to Best Friend Forever
"You are the best BFF a girl could have!"
by Mrs.Figglehorn June 12, 2009
I think except Best friend forever, it can also mean best female friend. Why not?
Sara is my bff.
by lizzie_bennet October 22, 2008

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