BFE means Bum Fuck Egypt, a.k.a the middle of no where.
BFE is where nik lives and wolves howl.
by dejhon January 23, 2008
Usually stands for "butt fucking egypt" or "bum fucking egypt". Usually a place so far out of the way its like driving from San Francisco to Egypt just to get a pair of shoes or to go to an amusement park. Possible roots includes when wanting to do some immoral or illegal activity, you would go as far away as possible so no one would know what you are going.
Why are all the outlet malls or Indian Casinos usually out in BFE.
by Sterni May 25, 2006
An acronym meaning "Bestest Friend Ever." Usually used to describe a friend that is so awesome that they are just the best friend ever.
Jeff: Dude, why do you keep hanging out with her?

Bill: Cause she's my BFE, been that way for awhile.
by ramen_noodles July 28, 2011
BFE = Boy Friend Experience
When a guy hooks up with a woman and gets all clingy and affectionate like they are in a relationship.
I just wanted to get railed, but he wanted to stay the night and tried to give me the BFE, so I had to kick his ass out.
by Chula15 October 22, 2009
short for: Butt Fucking Egypt: WAAAAY out in the middle of nowhere
Dude! We so parked in BFE!!
by cati May 21, 2004
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