Butt-Fucking Egypt. Middle of nowhere, out in the sticks. it is specifically located apprximately 10 minutes from Minster Ohio, and consists of three buildings.
Person 1: "Holy shit bro i got lost and finally ended up in bfe!"

Person 2: "Bro thats only like 10 minutes away from Minster. you suck."
by G.I. Joe 61091 January 06, 2012
Beyond Fucking Egypt. -- Exceedingly far away. Evolved into Bum-fuck Egypt and Butt-fuck Egypt by morons with poor hearing.
"I had to park out in B.F.E., there is nothing remotely close."
by JGunner March 02, 2010
Butt Fuck Egypt - used to describe somewhere far away...
Gus: "Dude, where you at?"
Rizzo: "I'm lost man, I'm way out in B.F.E."...
by Brian V. March 06, 2006
noun. Abbreviation: Butt Fuck Egypt. A place that is far away. Most often far away from the central action of a city. In the middle of nowhere. Many times, hard to find. Syn. "the sticks"
There's a party tonight, but it's out in BFE.
We got lost and ended up in BFE.
by Scott AH May 21, 2008
Abbreviation for Butt Fuck Egypt, out in the middle of nowhere.
I used to enjoy going to Todd's place, but then he bought a house out in BFE.
by jamesfa3 March 28, 2015
Bum Fuck Egypt. Out in the middle of nowhere, far away from where you have to be. What we call the parking lot furthest away from the school.
Yeah, the kids who have early release have to park out in BFE.
by praedial October 14, 2006
One step up from a one night stand, but more sensitive than a booty ball. The BFE aka Boyfriend experience, entails treating what should be a one night stand to the charm and charisma you'd give to an actual girlfriend.

Would require minimum of 2-3 meaningless dates, and should involve hooking your friends up for actual one night stands with friends of the BFE victim

warning: the chick may think you're an actual boyfriend. While you're temporarily playing one, prepare many exit strategies as needed
Joe: I power banged some sloot last night
Bill: Where'd you meet her
Joe: Run off from Ben's BFE girl
by DAsRF November 25, 2013

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